Quake 2: Soul Collector Mod (written in C)

  • AI: integrated a framework that allows the player to control any in-game monster.

  • Camera: programmed a third-person view that responds to player control and collision.

  • HUD/UI: incorporated new inventory and control systems that the player can view at runtime.

  • Engine: improved the sound management to account for an unlimited number of sounds.

  • Audio/Art: added new user-friendly sounds and art to indicate added game functions.

Halt! Catch Fire! (written in C#)

  • AI: designed and coded optimized high-volume A* pathfinding and finite state machines.

  • HUD/UI: programmed level intermissions and endgame, all HUD elements,  and highscore save system.

  • Gameplay: took ownership of the design and implementation of all mechanics.

  • Management: coordinated and led a team of seven (7) during a local month-long game jam.

  • Documentation: performed a daily scrum to track progress and maintain a focused scope.

  • Playtesting: presented the game at local events, and improved the game through playtesters’ feedback.

Doom: Gated Community (Final Doom PWAD)

  • AI: utilized AI behavior to procedurally generate unique combat encounters and map traversal.

  • Level Design: built a fast-paced map focused on combat tactics and immersive story.

  • Gameplay: maximized replay value with balanced combat generation and detailed content exploration.

Quake 4: Black Thunder Stealth Mod (written in C++)

  • Gameplay: designed six (6) new stealth mechanics in-line with the fast-paced shooter action of Quake 4.

  • HUD/UI: integrated player illumination tracking, spell mana management, and third-person crosshairs.

  • Physics: coded projectiles that bind to physics joints and world geometry, and projectiles that regulate ragdoll physics activation/deactivation.

  • AI: extended AI behavior to include player-triggered entity spawning, and impaired player-tracking based on visible light sources.

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Flash bangs that detonate in an AI's field of view (fov) remove all its enemies and prevent it from tracking the player for 20 seconds. Detonations in the player's fov also temporarily blind the player, as seen here.