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Welcome, and thank you for taking the time to learn a little about what I do.

I've spent the last four years developing a virtual reality pharmaceutical training suite used by the top pharma companies in several countries, Virtuosi. I'm honored to contribute to improving everyone's quality of life, and teaching others so we can grow as a global society.

I specialize in engine architecture, AI, physics, and level design because my favorite games have worlds built to think and move, giving players their own stories to tell. However, I am always looking for new tech and problems to solve. Recently I've developed several HLSL liquid shaders, a raymarched particle system in VR, and a WiX Toolset Windows installer bundle.

I know that the best projects come from teams with a diverse set of skills, a common vision, and clear communication. I am happiest when I have the opportunity to teach what I have learned, and can see those I've mentored grow and thrive.


Feel free to contact me about job opportunities, or any of my projects.

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