Quake 2: Soul Collector Mod (written in C)

  • AI: integrated a framework that allows the player to control any in-game monster.

  • Camera: programmed a third-person view that responds to player control and collision.

  • HUD/UI: incorporated new inventory and control systems that the player can view at runtime.

  • Engine: improved the sound management to account for an unlimited number of sounds.

  • Audio/Art: added new user-friendly sounds and art to indicate added game functions.

Halt! Catch Fire! (written in C#)

  • AI: designed and coded optimized high-volume A* pathfinding and finite state machines.

  • HUD/UI: programmed level intermissions and endgame, all HUD elements,  and highscore save system.

  • Gameplay: took ownership of the design and implementation of all mechanics.

  • Management: coordinated and led a team of seven (7) during a local month-long game jam.

  • Documentation: performed a daily scrum to track progress and maintain a focused scope.

  • Playtesting: presented the game at local events, and improved the game through playtesters’ feedback.

Doom: Gated Community (Final Doom PWAD)

  • AI: utilized AI behavior to procedurally generate unique combat encounters and map traversal.

  • Level Design: built a fast-paced map focused on combat tactics and immersive story.

  • Gameplay: maximized replay value with balanced combat generation and detailed content exploration.

Quake 4: Black Thunder Stealth Mod (written in C++)

  • Gameplay: designed six (6) new stealth mechanics in-line with the fast-paced shooter action of Quake 4.

  • HUD/UI: integrated player illumination tracking, spell mana management, and third-person crosshairs.

  • Physics: coded projectiles that bind to physics joints and world geometry, and projectiles that regulate ragdoll physics activation/deactivation.

  • AI: extended AI behavior to include player-triggered entity spawning, and impaired player-tracking based on visible light sources.

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