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My engineering background has made my approach to both game design and programming meticulous and analytical. I am a passionate advocate for clean, maintainable, well architected, well documented code.


I strive to continuously deepen and broaden my skill set. I enjoy reading books on game engine development, AI, DevOps, and engineering management, as well as keeping current on the latest in game development news and techniques.

However meticulous my problem solving approach, my software development experience has taught me to always step back and see the bigger picture. What we build affects the company, the client, the end-user, and society.

As a senior developer I've had the opportunity to mentor many other developers. It brings me great joy to help my teammates learn and grow in their careers. Leading by example, and providing constructive feedback on delegated tasks has proven very effective over the course of my career. I strive to continue to be a guiding hand in the games industry.

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