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Virtuosi is both a virtual reality and an online LMS technical job training suite for the pharmaceutical industry. Broadly, the techniques and behaviors it teaches are manufacturing, quality management, and advanced therapy medicinal products (ATMP). The entire suite is composed of more than twenty-four (24) distinct VR trainings, and over one hundred online courses.

My Role

I have been a senior developer on the Virtuosi project for four (4) years, which was about one year after the project's inception. In that time I have had the opportunity to help set the standard of quality, and guide the growth of Virtuosi. My role in this project has encompassed many responsibilities over the years, namely:

  • Development of several simultaneous VR projects

  • Coordinating with subject matter experts and product management to hone the VR training effectiveness

  • Building core code systems and tools

  • Quality assurance testing and documentation

  • Providing tech support to clients and our support staff

  • Conducting technical interviews

  • Mentoring other senior, mid-level, and junior developers

  • Voice acting...terribly, as placeholder until our localization team provided the final assets


Some of my proudest mentoring activities include:

  • Pair-programmed, delegated tasks, and performed code reviews of my co-workers' output

  • Established coding and commit/pull-request standards adopted company-wide

  • Trained developers on core code systems, as well as our development and testing pipeline

Some of my favorite core system creations include:

  • Expanded XR device support to use Unity's XR Plugin framework and new Input System

  • Streamlined localization and tooling for faster project delivery

  • Built WiX Installer bundle saving days of effort and debugging, and improving the client experience during installs at client sites

  • Ground-up build of frame-perfect deterministic VR demo recording/playback tools to significantly cut down on demo debugging time

  • Built rapid-prototype framework for interactive demos wherein users switch between viewing a short VR demo recording, and performing the action they just watched

  • Ground-up build of liquid management systems and tools, as well as improved rendering in Unity's standard and scriptable render pipelines for faster delivery of projects requiring unique liquid interactions

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