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Engine of Evil
Runtime Architecture

The Engine of Evil is a 2D isometric game engine I wrote in C++ using SLD2 as a cross-platform hardware interface. It builds as a executable that dynamically loads custom game files. Below you'll find a top-down explanation of each part of the engine. Each detail panel contains brief explainers as well as links to the relevant header files. I encourage you to explore the associated CPP files to dig into my code.

My goal with this project was to improve my programming and engine architecture skills. A few books were instrumental in this project, namely Game Engine Architecture, Real-Time Collision Detection, Design Patterns, Effective Modern C++, and The Black Art of Multiplatform Game Programming, all of which I highly recommend. I also participated in several code reviews and questions on StackExchange to hone my skills, and I'm very grateful for all the help that community provided.

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